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Double Crème French Brie

Gooey, creamy, double crème French Brie, Brie d'Amir is a handsome addition to any cheese plate. Crafted in France from pure, pasteurized  cow's milk with 60% milk fat. Each slice of Brie d'Amir boasts a soft, creamy texture that is luxuriously fresh with a mild, vegetal and milky flavor. The scent is light with notes of grass and savory mushrooms. Brie d'Amir is available in a 2.2 lb or 7 lb wheel.

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Complex flavor that is reminiscent of mushrooms with mild, milky undertones. Each bite leaves a long, lingering finish.

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Unmistakable rich, buttery texture with a white, fluffy, bloomy rind. As the cheese reaches room temperature, the paste becomes buttery soft with an oozing center.

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A handsome addition to any cheese platter, Brie d'Amir is marvelously paired with pomegranates, fresh figs, salted accompaniments such as olives or nuts and earthy, fruit jams. Enjoy with a glass of champagne or chablis.

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